Dancing With the Stars 2013: Is Corbin Bleu’s Experience Unfair?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Is Corbin Bleu’s Experience Unfair?

Season 17 is far from the first time Dancing With the Stars has featured stars with prior dance experience, but Corbin Bleu arguably takes "prior dance experience" to a whole new level. He's not only famous for a part that involved a lot of dancing we're talking about his role in the High School Musical movies for those who missed out on that Disney craze but he was actually featured in a DWTS Macy's Stars of Dance performace (remember those? Oh, Results Shows, how we miss you). Like, really?

We're torn about whether or not Corbin's basically professional level talent is a bad thing. On one hand, it leads to show stopping routines like his Week 9 Trio Jazz, which is undoubtedly one of our favorite DWTS performances ever On the other hand, it also leads to things like Corbin choreographing a lot of that routine himself, which seems to make a mockery of the entire premise of the show. When the judges are enthusiastically calling a star a modern day Bob Fosse, it's time to start reconsidering the whole "can they really be considered an amature?" thing.

Plus, having someone as talented as Corbin on really highlights how subjective and varied the judging is. The fact of the matter is that, compared to most of his competition, Corbin should be getting 10s every week. He gets docked points for having his weight slightly off center, while other stars get 9s and 10s for performances that are nowhere near his level.

What do you think: Is Corbin's prior experience a problem, or are you just happy to get to see him dance every week?

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