Is Cynthia Bailey “Crunk” When She’s With NeNe Leakes? She Says… (VIDEO)
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Cynthia Bailey

Is Cynthia Bailey “Crunk” When She’s With NeNe Leakes? She Says… (VIDEO)

Cynthia Bailey has received a lot of flack for her relationship with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star NeNe Leakes. In her earlier seasons of RHoA people accused Cynthia of being NeNe’s puppet, doing whatever Mrs. Leakes asked of her. Though that has changed over the years, some people still take issue with their friendship.

Case in point: when Cynthia was on Watch What Happens Live last Sunday, a caller declared that the model was “crunked up” when hanging out with NeNe, but not when she spent time with the other women. However, Cyn disagreed and maintained that she behaves the same way whether NeNe is there or not, and she certainly can hold her own with her co-stars.

“Last season NeNe was not around that much, she was in L.A. doing her stuff, so I held my own very well last year while NeNe was not here. I don’t know if you missed all that, but I did,” she explained, throwing some shade along the way.

When Andy asked if she was crunk when NeNe’s not around, Cynthia was more direct with her answer. “No, NeNe doesn’t help me with these ladies! I’m just me. There’s a lot of stuff that happens when NeNe’s not around,” she concluded.

Cynthia also dished that she was “thinking about” a reunion dress, but hadn’t picked one out quite yet.

Lastly, a caller phoned in with a fun question for the RHoA star: If Cynthia could pick a sperm donor for Kenya Moore, would she choose Miss Lawrence, Derek J, or Dwight? After a moment of thought, Cynthia gave her answer. “They all are fabulous in their own way, but since she’s closest to Miss Lawrence I guess I’ll let them do the damn thing.”

We gotta say, that’s some pretty solid logic right there!

See more of Cynthia’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live by checking out the video below!