Is Damon Salvatore a Psychopath? Vampire Diaries Fan Question
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Is Damon Salvatore a Psychopath? Vampire Diaries Fan Question

We’ll admit Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) has his bad days on The Vampire Diaries. The bloodsucker can get cranky and snap necks at the slightest provocation. But he’s working on it! So does his high murder rate mean Damon is a psychopath?

In Season 2, Episode 3, “Bad Moon Rising,” Damon gets cranky when Vanessa, Isobel’s research assistant, shoots an arrow in his back. When he threatens to kill her Elena tries to dissuade him, but he says she has no power over him. “I forgot that I was speaking to a psychotic mind that snaps and kills people impulsively,” she tells him.

According to Psychology Today, which, yes, actually wrote an article on this, Elena should’ve called him “psychopathic," not "psychotic." A psychotic “has lost contact with reality” and may have auditory, visual, and other hallucinations. That’s definitely not Damon, but he isn’t really a psychopath, either. Though people with this disorder “destroy other people's lives” (ahem, Lexi), and Damon’s been known to “lie, con, betray, cheat, steal, maim, murder, and anything else” to keep himself entertained, there are other characteristics that don’t fit.

As Psychology Today points out (and we love how into this the author is), “he cares too much for others and what happens to them. He's also capable of taking responsibility for his behaviors, experiences remorse, doesn't have a parasitic lifestyle, and is extremely reliable when something (or someone) is important to him.”

Good to know Elena’s new boyfriend is neither a psychotic nor a psychopath. Now, if he could just work on that impulse control, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about his new roommate, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen).

Source: Psychology Today

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