Is Jax Taylor Dating an Older Woman? He Says…
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Jax Taylor

Is Jax Taylor Dating an Older Woman? He Says…

Sadly, Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor recently parted ways with girlfriend Carmen Dickman, whom he had been dating for a few months after meeting her at SUR. But is he already dating someone new?

There's no doubt that there was an age difference between Jax and Carmen, as Jax is 34, while Carmen is 23. And one of Jax's Twitter followers apparently thinks he should stay away from the younger gals. On April 3, the Twitter follower wrote, "@mrjaxtaylor try an older woman!"

Evidently, Jax didn't even need that suggestion, since he apparently has already started giving a chance to at least one such lady. "Done and i am her name is...." Jax replied to his fan.

That was fast! Granted, Jax has never seemed like one to sit around eating Ben & Jerry's in his sweatpants after a breakup. Still, we're a bit surprised that he's already dating again. That said, we're glad that he's able to move on, and we wish him all the best in his love life.

Plus, with Season 3 rumored to be getting underway soon, we're curious whether we'll see this older woman on future episodes of the show.

Do you agree that Jax should try dating women closer to his own age? And do you think his current romance will last?

Source: Jax on Twitter