Is Derek Hough in Negotiations For Dancing With the Stars Season 17?
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Is Derek Hough in Negotiations For Dancing With the Stars Season 17?

Derek Hough is a Dancing With the Stars veteran pro with four Mirror Balls at home, but rumors have swirled that Season 16 was his last. However, new intel recently surfaced that suggests otherwise, either hinting at negotiations for Season 17, or perhaps a show of his own!

Over the weekend, Derek tweeted, “Had some great meetings in London with the BBC for the future, now back to LA . Long way to come for one day.” Though ABC is the network that airs DWTS, BBC actually produces the show. If he’s meeting with head honchos there in London and they flew him out just for one day, that seems like an important meeting.

It would be more of a surprise if Derek returned than if he left. There’s no doubt that he’s a huge star on his own and an excellent dancer, so if he followed in the footsteps of his dancer-turned-superstar-actress sister, Julianne Hough, no one would be too shocked. We saw Julianne leave after Season 8 and Maks Chmerkovskiy leave after All-Stars, so it has only been a matter of time before Derek leaves.

If he decided to stay, that would be a game-changer. He would be putting aside his other career endeavors — like his new STARZ show, Blackpool — and opportunities for DWTS, which would certainly show his loyalty. Then again, he could just be meeting with BBC to start a new show of his own, which we’d definitely watch.

Do you think Derek will stay on DWTS next season, or is he headed for his own show? Sound off below!