Is Desiree Hartsock Being Too Shy with the Guys?
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The Bachelorette

Is Desiree Hartsock Being Too Shy with the Guys?

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette showed us a more timid side of Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. Despite her big talk during last week’s premiere — remember her claim to Chris Harrison, “If I want to kiss a guy, I’m going to go for it”? — Des let her men make the first move in Episode 2.

During the inaugural 1-on-1, Brooks Forester earned his smooch after Des dragged him through a bridal shop and risked his life atop the 90-year-old Hollywood sign.

“This is a moment I will never, ever forget,” Des narrated over her sunset makeout session.

Clearly it was a good kiss; Brooks returned to the Mansion with rose in hand. Plus, he got a few more kisses out on the dance floor while singer Andy Grammer crooned in the background.

And then there was Ben. After pissing off Mikey Tenerelli by interrupting his alone time with Des, Ben brought up his ace in the hole: Brody, our favorite Baby Bachelor. The kiss came next, and it was good enough to get him a rose. Meanwhile, Brandon Andreen sat in the corner, watched, and cried soft-as-roses tears. But the Group Date rose wasn’t all Ben walked away with — he also picked up lots of bad vibes from the other guys.

Contestant Bryden Vukasin moved in at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in — what else — a hot tub. Even though we had a feeling this was coming, the sexual tension (as narrated by some friendly neighborhood crickets in the background) was even more painful to watch then we feared. Des finally put an end to the awkwardness by telling Bryden, “just kiss me already.” Homeboy’s good at following directions, but we wish Des had just gone for it herself! They were already half-naked anyway...

We hope Des quiets her dating butterflies / does some shots in upcoming episodes. Because if girlfriend is going to talk about taking charge, it’s time to put her money where her kisser is! These guys clearly go gaga whenever she walks in the room, with or without roses. Might as well make the most of it.