Is Drew Kenney on Instagram?
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Is Drew Kenney on Instagram?

Need more photos of Drew Kenney looking intense in a purple bow tie? Trick question! Of course you do. Drew — one of Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's three favorite boyfriends — only has a few photos on his Twitter account, @DrewKenney. Obviously we need more of that perfect combination of shirtless Drew + cute little kids. Cue Instagram!

It looks like Drew can indeed be found in all his glory at drewkenney1985, where more than 13,400 people are already drooling watching him hang out with babies, show off his first skydiving certificate, and share his Ford/RBA Model of the Month photo. You can also get some world travel tips, as Drew shares “throwback” photos from Europe. You know he speaks Italian, right? As he posted on his blog back in 2011, “I officially take off for Milan, Italy on Sunday, January 9th, where I will be studying international business at the Universita Luigi Bocconi and working as professional model for the Urban Management Agency during the busy Spring fashion season.” Molto bene!

However, Drew's last Instagram post was five months ago. It's possible when he's allowed to let loose on social media, he'll flood Instagram with more hotness. Maybe if we all ask nicely?

Source: Instagram