Is Dancing With the Stars 2013 Too Predictable This Season?
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Dancing With The Stars

Is Dancing With the Stars 2013 Too Predictable This Season?

What’s better: A season, like Dancing With the Stars All-Stars, filled with shocking eliminations or one like Season 16, which has been steady as the rain in terms of following the scores?

You could argue that Season 15 was more exciting, because every Tuesday night we held our breath to see who would go home. It was rarely based on scores and just seemed tied to fan bases — or whatever reason explains Sabrina Bryan never making it past Week 6. This spring 2013 season, on the other hand, only gave us the shocker of Dorothy Hamill having to withdraw for medical reasons. After that, you just had to look at the leaderboard to see who would be going home.

It’s possible that will end on the Finals, since the final four have been so tight in battling it out all season and big fan bases may trump scores, but is it too late to be exciting? Do you feel like this season could’ve been called on Week 2 and it’s just been a matter of watching it play out?

For some viewers, the predictability may be comforting. For once, the “best” dancers did indeed make it to the end! Last season drove us a little crazy with all the random, unpredictable eliminations. But nature abhors a drama vacuum, and without surprising eliminations to talk about this season, we’ve all had to focus on yelling at the judges for their comments, and watching Team Kellie debate Team Zendaya over who deserves to win.

What do you think? Has this season been too predictable, or do you think it’s played out as it should?