Is Emily Moving to Texas on Pretty Little Liars Season 2?
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Is Emily Moving to Texas on Pretty Little Liars Season 2?

The Pretty Little Liars cast just started filming the second season and we’ve already got major news about what’s ahead. Unfortunately, Emily (Shay Mitchell) will be moving to Texas soon, unless she can somehow convince her mom to stay.

PLL Showrunner Marlene King tweeted the picture to the right after the first day on set, and after a little stalking, we discovered that the new guy is actor David Desantos. When a fan asked about his role, he tweeted, “I'm a real estate agent selling Shay and Pam's house. It's the 2nd season opener!” Yikes! It sounds like Emily is moving ASAP if there’s a realtor in the first episode.

But then again, you can’t have PLL without all four girls. Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick hinted to TVFanatic that Emily won't leave Rosewood without a fight. He explained that Emily's mom wants “to be with her father on the base in Ft. Hood [and it] becomes a real conflict for Emily... And she’s desperate to find a way to stay in Rosewood. She goes to some extremes.”

There’s no way Emily would leave her best friends or her many love interests, so we know she’ll come up with something. Plus, if she fled town after what happened in the season finale, wouldn’t that seem suspicious? People already think the little liars are guilty, so Em should probably stay put.

What do you think will happen to Emily? Let us know!

Source: Twitter, TVFanatic


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