Is Emily Thorne Pregnant? — Revenge Season 2
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Is Emily Thorne Pregnant? — Revenge Season 2

Clutch your rosaries, Revenge fans! Show writers dropped yet another bombshell on us plebeians in Season 2, Episode 18, "Masquerade" when Emily Thorne, clad in a hideous oversized hooded jacket, crept her way through a Catholic school playground and made a shocking confession. "Sister, I need your help," she told a nun. "I'm pregnant and I have nowhere else to go."

Say what? Emily Thorne is going to be a mom?!

Now, before you go all crazy and call up Maury Povich, let's analyze the situation. The nun Emily spoke to in the final scene of "Masquerade" is the same nun who helped 16-year-old Victoria Grayson in the wake of her unplanned pregnancy. Emily found out about Vicky's illegitimate child through Mason Treadwell, and now she's trying to use this intel as leverage against Queen V.

Unfortunately, the nun made a few promises to young Vicki, namely that she'd never tell the child his mother's identity and she'd never reveal what became of him. Sister Mary Something or Other stayed true to her word when Victoria dropped by to inquire about her long-lost son, but now that Emily Thorne and her inconspicuous hoodie are skulking around the pews, the truth is bound to unravel faster than Nolan Ross's personal hygiene.

We’re 99 percent positive that Ems is without child, but if girlfriend's truly knocked up and still manages to look that good in a white silk ball gown, then we give up.

What do you guys think? Is Emily really expecting, or is this faux-pregnancy just a ploy to gather more info on Victoria's secret son?

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