Breaking Bad Is Ending: Why Was It So Popular?
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Is Ending: Why Was It So Popular?

Breaking Bad ends tomorrow, Sunday September 26, and it will inevitably go out to huge ratings for a cable show. In fact, the award winning drama has only gained viewers as the seasons went on and more people became addicted to the meth-fueled drama through DVD and Netflixs. What is it about this small little cable show starring the dad from Malcolm in the Middle that has turned it into such a phenomena?

There are obviously a lot of elements we could point to. Incredible acting — some of the best not just on TV but in any medium. Beautiful cinematography. Edge-of-your-seat action. Fun villains. Well crafted characters. All of this is important, and if any of it had been missing, Breaking Bad wouldn't be Breaking Bad.

However, none of that would add up to quite the same whole if it weren't for showrunner Vince Gilligan's clear, unwavering vision. He set out to make a show about a man's transition from nice guy to villain — Mr. Chips to Scarface, as he famously put it — and he never veered from that path, creating a story that was dynamic, focused, and that always, always felt like it knew where it was going. That's a trait all too rare for TV. That's why we could never look away. This show was a journey, and through all the twists and turns, we always felt confident that we were being led somewhere with a purpose.

What exactly was the purpose? Well, isn't that what America is tuning in to find out on Sunday? We don't know if this is the story of one man's utter descent into villainy, or if there is still a glimmer of hope of redemption. Either way, we'll be there to find out.

Why do you think Breaking Bad is so popular? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the Breaking Bad finale this Sunday, September 26, 2013.

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