Is Eric Northman Dead on True Blood? Is Pam Dead, Too?
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True Blood

Is Eric Northman Dead on True Blood? Is Pam Dead, Too?

The unthinkable happened on True Blood’s Season 6 finale tonight, and we’re still reeling at the possibility that one of our favorite vampires could be gone for good. (Or maybe even two!)

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After discovering that Warlow was indeed evil and wanted to capture Sookie and keep her from her life and family forever, Bill and Jason worked together to save her. From there, she narrowly escaped death before Niall emerged from a portal, grabbed Warlow, and Jason staked the faerie-vamp! He melted into a pile of goo, and with his death came the loss of all of Lillith’s blood’s powers.

For most effected vampires, that meant that they couldn’t run around in the sunlight anymore, but for Eric Northman, it meant bursting into flames! We last saw him flying into the sky to an unknown location. (It turns out he was reading naked in Sweden.) Unfortunately, that vacation meant that he was vulnerable, sitting out in the middle of snow-covered ground in the middle of nowhere, and when the blood’s powers left him, he immediately was set on fire.

As Eric screamed and was engulfed in flames, it seemed like he was going to die, and then the screen faded to black and jumped forward six months in Bon Temps. Considering that we didn’t see him actually explode, chances are that his fate will be revealed in Season 7. In the time jump, he wasn’t mentioned by name, and we didn’t see Pam — who flew off to find him earlier in the episode — so they could be together, too. Whether they are piles of goo in the snow or alive and well remains to be seen, but we’re feeling 50/50 about them being dead or alive.

Truebies, do you think Eric and Pam are dead? Sound off below!

08.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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