Is Ezra “A”? Clues From Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 17 — “Bite Your Tongue”
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Is Ezra “A”? Clues From Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 17 — “Bite Your Tongue”

The biggest question on our minds during the second half of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 is this: is Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) really "A"? We're constantly on the lookout for more evidence for or against this painful possibility. So each week, we're going to round up the most compelling clues from the latest episode to help us theorize about why Rosewood's hottest teach was in that lair.

So, read on for our biggest takeaways from Season 4, Episode 17 (“Bite Your Tongue”)!

Clues Ezra IS "A"

He was connected to Ali. As we learned this week, it appears Ezra is Board Shorts. Assuming that's not a mislead from the writers, that means we finally know how he's connected to Ali — they once had a romance. If that relationship went south, it's easy to see how and why Ezra could have become "A".

Emily was supposed to meet Ezra. Em was supposed to meet up with Ezra after school; instead, she was caught in a horror show. Proof Ezra is "A"? Definitely not, since a different "A" could have found out Em's plans. Still, it doesn't make Ezra seem any less guilty — especially because he made a phone call immediately after Mr. Fields asked him to give Em an extracurricular activity.

A meeting with Mona. Ezra had a meeting with Mona, and we don't know what went down between them. That has us on our guard.

Clues Ezra ISN'T "A"

He's Board Shorts. The very fact that Ezra probably is Board Shorts makes us wonder if he's not "A", since we know there's another reason he might still be interested in Ali's fate. Maybe he is trying to find out about what happened to Ali because of their past romance, but isn't the one torturing the Liars. Or perhaps he's on Team "A" (either by choice or through blackmail) without being Uber "A".

The Maggie thing might be real. Based on tonight's episode, Ezra's story about being mad over Maggie last week might actually be true.

Did we miss any clues? Are you more or less convinced Ezra is evil after this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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