Is Farrah Abraham a Victim of Cyber Bullying?

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Is Farrah Abraham a Victim of Cyber Bullying?

Farrah Abraham's had a really bad week, guys. Not only did Charlie Sheen accuse her of having a "five o'clock shadow" (uncool, friend), she suffered a nip slip while frolicking around in a bikini, Kim Kardashian up and popped out a baby (way to steal Farrah's spotlight, pshh), and people just won't stop mocking her lady lumps. Basically, girlfriend has a case of the Sads, and she's tired of people bullying her!

This outspoken porntrepreneur took to Twitter to air her grievances, and gave fans a quick reminder about the dangers of bullying.

"Bullying:The use of force to abuse, intimidate others. The behavior can be habitual and involve an imbalance of social or physical power," Farrah tweeted, adding "Bullying: The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a 'target'. #AREYOUTRYING2BEaBULLY?"

This gal sure knows how to make us think. Like, we can't even with all the deep thoughts we're having. The consensus? Farrah probably isn't a victim of bullying — despite the fact that Charlie Sheen wrote her the least safe-for-life email ever.

After all, this accidental porn-star has voluntarily and repeatedly put herself in the public eye, so it's only natural that peeps are going to voice their opinions. However, if Farrah is uncomfortable with harsh criticism from former fans, she can always quit Twitter! But then our lives would be about 100% less entertaining...

In the meantime, we'll leave you with this tweet to ponder:

"Laughing at all the #WannaBeBullies today :)) #ThankYouHaters such #WannaB's #GoCry ask someone for a hug if you can't handle life :)"

Hear that guys? Go cry.

Do you think Farrah is a victim of bullying? Hit the comments and dish!

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06.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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