Is Gretchen Rossi a Natural Blonde? The Answer May Surprise You!
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Is Gretchen Rossi a Natural Blonde? The Answer May Surprise You!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi has issued what may be perceived as fighting words for any other blondes on the Real Housewives franchises.

Gretchen was asked by a fan during an OK! magazine interview whether she would ever try a hair color other than blonde, and she admitted to being quite the wig fanatic.

"Actually, I always thought it would be really fun to change my hair color," Gretchen reveals. "I can't tell you how many times we've actually gone into the wig store and I've tried on, like, 90 different wigs because I want to see what I look like."

However, it sounds like Gretchen is happy being a blonde.

"It's weird because I just feel really dull and I don't feel like myself (with a different hair color)," she says. "I'm truly, truly, truly a natural blonde I might be one of the only natural blondes on Housewives."

Whoa! So is she seriously calling out every other blonde Real Housewife as a bottle blonde? Uh, allow her to retract that statement just a bit.

"I'll probably get into trouble for saying that because I think I'm the only natural one," Gretchen adds.

As for which color Gretchen might want to try, she says black or red as red is Slade Smiley's personal choice.

And speaking of the other Real Housewives, Gretchen has even sought out the follicular support of certain gal from Atlanta.

"I actually have called Kim Zolciak and been like, 'Send me a wig, girl!'" she reveals.

Don't be tardy to the wig-trying-on party!

Source: OK!