Is Hayden Panettiere Really Singing on Nashville?
Is Hayden Panettiere Really Singing on Nashville?
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Is Hayden Panettiere Really Singing on Nashville?


Being a star on a network television show might seem like it’s all ponies and unicorns, but the stars of Nashville are taking their jobs one step further than photo shoots and countless hours in the makeup chair. Namely, they’re bravely singing all of the songs in each and every episode.

Hayden Panettiere plays perhaps the least likable — but most famous — character, Juliette Barnes, and she spends almost all of her onscreen stage time singing poppy, saucy jams. Hayden is, in fact, really singing on the show — and it’s not her first time recording!

Before Nashville, Hayden briefly flirted with pop stardom. “I recorded an album about five years ago, and I was in a period of time where I was changing all the time. I wanted to be a pop star one day, I wanted to be a rock star the other day,” she reveals in an interview with Assignment X.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Hayden Panettiere onstage IRL any time soon? Not so fast, the actress explains. While she’s eyeing a collaboration with legendary producer (and Nashville music honcho) T-Bone Burnett, she’s not yet ready to be the next Taylor Swift. “I don’t know if I’m gutsy enough to go there yet. Maybe soon.”