Is Jason “A” on Pretty Little Liars? 3 Clues From Season 5, Episode 2 That Prove He Might Be
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Is Jason “A” on Pretty Little Liars? 3 Clues From Season 5, Episode 2 That Prove He Might Be

Jason DiLaurentis is back and creepier than ever on Pretty Little Liars.

The Liars think they’ve killed “A,” but we know better than to believe that. After all, while Shana was gunning down Ezra in New York City, someone was back in Rosewood putting Mrs. DiLaurentis in her grave. And given how menacing Jason was acting in Season 5, Episode 2 (“Whirly Girl”), we’re adding him to our list of “A” suspects — not that he hasn’t made our list before.

OK, so we know it’s more than likely that Jason’s creepy behavior is being used as red herring for fans. And given the look on his face when he sees his mom’s dead body at the end of Episode 2, we’re thinking he actually had no idea that she was dead. But that doesn’t mean he’s not connected to the “A” game. And he wouldn’t be the first N.A.T. Club member to be up to no good.

So why do we think Jason might be the elusive figure behind all the drama in Rosewood? Here are three clues from Season 5, Episode 2 that may make our case.

1. He was most likely in New York. Their first night back in Rosewood, the Liars see Jason cleaning out his car in the dark. Fast forward to the next morning, and Spencer is pulling a takeout bag from the dumpster. But the establishment wasn’t in Philadelphia — it was from a place in New York City. What was Jason doing in New York? Could he have been responsible for Ali and Liars’ masked ambush in the city? We don’t necessarily think Jason would ever hurt Ali, but it’s possible he was trying to scare her away from returning to Rosewood.

2. Mrs. DiLaurentis may have been covering for him. Another popular theory is that Jason, in a drunken stupor, was the one who hit Ali over the head with the shovel. That would explain why Mrs. D. buried her daughter; she did it to protect her son. CeCe and Ali were also wearing the same outfit that night, and it’s possible Jason thought he was attacking CeCe instead. Regardless, in Season 5, Episode 2, Hanna finds a drafted email in Mrs. D.’s outbox. It was addressed to an unknown user — obviously — but the email certainly pertains to the night Ali was struck. “I can’t cover for you anymore,” it read. Was Mrs. DiLaurentis intending to send it to Jason?

3. He’s acting super creepy. Jason clearly has something to hide. Why else would he be acting so weird? He’s not super happy to see Ali — even though he hasn’t see her for two years, or so that’s what we’re supposed to believe — and he’s even snapping at the Liars. What is he trying to keep secret? It’s possible he is the one responsible for his mother’s death and he’s now being paranoid about the whole thing (something he know has in common with Aria). Maybe he’s trying to cover up his tracks? Whatever his deal is, it doesn't give him the right to be so mean to Pepe the dog!

As much as we want to think Jason is “A” — because wouldn’t that be the most messed up thing ever? — we think the writers are much too clever to make it that obvious. Jason is acting super creepy, but we think it has more to do with his mother. Was Jason the one helping his mom that night in the woods? Was he keeping her secrets? Or did her secrets get buried along with her body?

We’ll have to wait and see how this all unfolds. What do you think? Could Jason be “A”? Hit the comments with your reactions!

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