Is Jenelle Evans Getting Induced Tonight?
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Jenelle Evans

Is Jenelle Evans Getting Induced Tonight?

It feels like Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has been pregnant with her second child for the longest time ever. We’ve watch Jenelle’s belly grow over the course of nine months (thanks in part to her baby bump selfies), and even though her due date is slated for June 29, rumor has it Jenelle is getting induced...tonight!

But before you get excited, let us remind you that Baby Kaiser has yet to “drop.” Plus, Jenelle was quick to put an end to the rumors on June 16 by tweeting, “I’m being induced tonight? Lmao that’s news to me.”

We honestly wouldn't be surprised if Jenelle went into labor sooner than anticipated. Kaiser is a few weeks ahead of his gestational age, so it’s only a matter of time till this kiddo makes his grand debut!

As for Jenelle, girlfriend is more than ready to finally give birth. Not only has she recently experienced false labor pains, but this second pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one for the young starlet. In fact, Jenelle had a few complications aside from her usual morning sickness — including intestinal blockage, and the possible condition of Placenta previa, which could have led to a C-section.

“It’s crazy how they say every pregnancy is different,” Jenelle explained to Wetpaint Entertainment. “It’s weird because with Jace it was completely fine, and now with this pregnancy it’s like 180 percent different.”

Jenelle went on to add, “My first pregnancy was easy, I didn’t even know I was pregnant till three months along. I had no problems and no symptoms. With Jace, I was in labor for 12 was like a breeze and I didn’t even feel any pain.” Here’s hoping that’s the same case for when Jenelle delivers Kaiser!

We’re officially counting down the days/weeks till Jenelle gives birth to her second boy — oh and Kaiser’s first selfie!

When do you think Jenelle will deliver Kaiser? Sound off in the comments below!