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Is Jennifer Aniston Five Months Pregnant? Rumor Patrol (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston has to get pregnant one of these days, right? That seems to be the world’s general consensus on Jennifer’s fertility whether or not she actually wants a kid. The latest report goes one step further than just saying Jen’s expecting; this one actually has how far along she might be!

In Touch tells us (via Splash News) that Jennifer’s already five months along with a baby girl! The 45-year-old is reportedly expecting a little one with husband-to-be Justin Theroux… but, then again, we’ve heard this same tune sung slightly different ways ever since Jennifer rocketed to fame with Friends two decades ago.

We’ve also got to raise an eyebrow at the source who tells In Touch Jennifer “refuses to let fickle fiancé Justin ruin her miracle pregnancy” and is “already steeling herself” to be a single parent since Justin, the man engaged to be her husband, is “reluctant to settle down.” Seems like we’ve gone from zero to 60 on that one, right?

Keep watching the video to hear about Justin’s rumored stomp out sessions whenever wedding planning comes up and how Jennifer’s vowed to raise her little girl on her own, push come to shove. Don’t forget the comments below to air your own skepticism.