Is Joe Giudice Ignoring His Family? Teresa Calls Rumors “Ridiculous”
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Is Joe Giudice Ignoring His Family? Teresa Calls Rumors “Ridiculous”

The idea that Joe Giudice is “ignoring” his family is a bit extreme. As if anyone could ignore Teresa Giudice!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars pleaded guilty to various fraud charges and will be sentenced on July 8. Conflicting stories recently came out on how Teresa and Joe have been spending their time, with Radar’s source claiming Teresa is frustrated and heartbroken that Joe keeps wanting to spend time with his buddies rather than with Teresa and their four daughters. Meanwhile, All Things Real Housewives talked to the couple’s crisis manager, who listed some upcoming events where Joe would be with family, and said the couple were “closer than ever.”

Now Teresa herself is weighing in, telling All About The Real Housewives the Radar rumor is “absolutely false.” She added, “Joe and I have been focusing on our family and that’s what is important to us. Rumors regarding Joe ignoring me and our family are ridiculous and just not true.”

It’d be interesting to know where the Radar/ignoring rumor came from, if not Teresa, but it’s good to hear Teresa is at least publicly happy with the amount of time Joe is spending with family. It’s not like she wants him to be on lockdown at the house, right?

He is considered the more likely of the two to get jail time, so it’s only natural if he wants to get out and enjoy free air and time with friends — while also attending school and family events with his four daughters. We’ve seen him at a few of those events, in photos shared by Teresa, so it’s clear he’s still a huge part of their lives, and will continue to be for the rest of their lives — even if he is jailed … or even deported.

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Source: All About The Real Housewives