Is Joseline Hernandez in Danger of Being Fired From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?
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Is Joseline Hernandez in Danger of Being Fired From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Things are just going from bad to worse for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast. News of the cast’s massive Season 3 reunion show brawl has spread like wildfire, with several videos of the fight leaking online and now there’s word that one of the brawl’s main players, Joseline Hernandez, may have put her job in jeopardy!

According to TMZ, Joseline may be in danger of losing her LHHATL gig thanks to the various jabs she threw at cast members on the set of the reunion show taping on Tuesday, July 15. In addition to having a scuffle with Althea Heart, Tammy Rivera, and Mimi Faust, TMZ reports Joseline bit one of the security guards who tried to subdue her during one of the latter altercations and reportedly ripped off a piece of the guard’s flesh in the process. Yikes!

Due to Joseline’s over-the-top behavior, TMZ says several of the cast members are making a plea to producers to have Joseline fired from the show.

If any of this is true, it doesn’t look too good for Joseline. After being in a three-person fight, Joseline was caught on film taking her rage out on one of the show’s procedures, blaming him for the fighting and telling him to call the cops if they needed to (‘cause you know, she’s never scared).

Then again, we’re not sure if producers would really consider firing the Puerto Rican princess since she does have a huge following that tunes in for her and hubby, Stevie J.

Guess we’ll just have to see if Joseline will have to solely resort to her music career to make ends meet!

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Source: TMZ