Is Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Being a Hypocrite? Elise Mosca Says…
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The Bachelor

Is Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Being a Hypocrite? Elise Mosca Says…

There's only so much you can file under "language barrier" when it comes to Juan Pablo Galavis's Bachelor behavior. Sometimes what he says just doesn't match what he does.

He got a lot of fans — including Chris Harrison — scratching their heads last week when he made a grand speech about not kissing any women on the second South Korea group date ... then went ahead and kissed Clare Crawley, aka the girl who just revealed she threw up in her mouth.

Elise Mosca was let go last week, and in her post-dumping conference call she was asked if she understood where JPG was coming from with that move. And you know what? She kinda did!

"That was an interesting moment for sure," Elise said. "I think that Juan Pablo definitely had already kissed Clare. So he was saying he didn’t want to add to the list of kissing girls. So you know, as far as talking about the fact that he didn’t want to do it because of his daughter, I think that he had already kissed six girls, he was trying to keep his number low." So Clare was a repeat kiss and that didn't count. Elise said JPG let Lauren Solomon down easily that way, with the argument that he didn't want to add to his existing kiss list.

Is Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Being a Hypocrite? Elise Mosca Says…
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However, Elise agreed with Chris that JPG's rules can be "a little misleading here and there." But he's the man with the roses, so he gets to do what he wants.

On the same misleading note, though, Elise talked about JPG's connection with Sharleen Joynt, who was open about not really being excited to have kids. JPG already has a child and wants more, but he kept Sharleen around anyway, even after she revealed her baby-making factory was closed for business. What message does that send about what he's really looking for?

To Elise, JPG and Sharleen might have a "lustful chemistry" that feels right at the time even if they know it's not right forever. "So I think that, you know, that’s kind of interesting because that’s kind of the problem with guys," Elise continued. "Sometimes they’re in the moment and they’re not thinking about what’s good for the long term."

But it's not just guys who do that. Sometimes what you know is good for you in the big picture doesn't mesh with what you're feeling in the present moment. We have that same relationship with Cheez-Its.

Do you think Juan Pablo was being a hypocrite with his kissing rule, or for keeping Sharleen around even though he keeps saying he’s looking for a stepmother for Camila?

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