Is Kailyn Lowry Taking Diet Pills to Lose Weight?
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Kailyn Lowry

Is Kailyn Lowry Taking Diet Pills to Lose Weight?

Kailyn Lowry's well into her fitness journey, fellow Teen Mom fanatics! This glam reality star popped out her second kiddo back in November, and she's been on a mission to shed the pesky baby weight ever since.

While breastfeeding (which burns upwards of 500 calories per day!) has certainly helped Kailyn get her body back to its former glory, she recently kicked things up a notch by hiring a personal trainer.

Kailyn's been pumping iron non-stop for the past few weeks, but fans are wondering if her slimmed down body is totally natural. In other words, is she hopped up on diet pills?

One word: Nope! When it comes to losing weight, Kailyn's doing things the old fashion way — by practicing portion control and working on her fitness like Fergalicious.

In fact, she confirmed that she isn't even taking products that are touted as being "all-natural" weight loss boosters, in large part because she's still breastfeeding her son, Lincoln. "I can't take anything while I'm nursing :(" Kailyn tweeted to a curious fan. "But maybe when I'm done!!"

Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants are breastfed until their first birthday (if not longer), we don't imagine Kailyn will be taking dietary supplements anytime soon. In fact, she'll probably have reached her goal weight by the time she's ready to start!

Are you impressed with Kailyn's commitment to getting her body back the old fashioned way? We can't wait to see her transformation pictures!