Is Kenya Moore Dropping the Assault Charges Against Porsha Stewart?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is Kenya Moore Dropping the Assault Charges Against Porsha Stewart?

It's only been a few days since we witnessed the horrific brawl between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams on the first part of the Season 6 reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the taping took place a while back now. Just last week, Porsha turned herself in for assault charges placed by Kenya … but now that the dust has settled, is Kenya considering dropping the charges?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, it's a possibility, but it comes with one big condition.

“[Only] if Porsha publicly came out and apologized to Kenya and genuinely said she’s sorry and meant it and said how she was wrong for putting her hands on Kenya," their source claimed, would Kenya drop the charges.

“She wants Porsha to know that what she did was extremely unladylike and foul and pledge in public that she will never do such a thing again," they added.

The last we heard on the matter, Porsha's lawyer was planning on suing Kenya for provoking the incident, so we're not very optimistic for a public apology anytime soon.

That being said, Andy Cohen himself told Porsha that she would have to eventually apologize to Kenya, which means that she may have to swallow her pride if she wants to keep her spot on the show for Season 7.

We still don't see her approaching Kenya to say she's sorry, but we do imagine that she will apologize to her fans for resorting to violence.

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Source: The Hollywood Gossip