Is Khloe Kardashian The Most Fashionable Kardashian Sister?
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Is Khloe Kardashian The Most Fashionable Kardashian Sister?

Khloe Kardashian is looking great these days: happy, healthy, and super svelte. She’s also rocking some serious fashion these days, so much so that Huffington Post has named her the most fashionable of the Kardashian sisters! When your siblings are couture clothes horses like Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, that’s saying something. But we’re not sure we agree. Is Khloe the most fashionable Kardashian? Let’s discuss.

We’ll start with oldest sister Kourtney, who has been going for a very Norma Desmond as of late. The mother of two has been known to favor turbans and flowy, practically caftan-esque dresses and odd headgear of all sorts. She has a love for bold lips and easy silhouettes, and we dig it, but she’s a mom and she’s not going super crazy with the fashions these days.

Kim has historically been the couture risk-taker in the family—or at least she was when last we saw her, before baby girl North West was born! Throughout her pregnancy, Kim (because she loves her high-fashion boo Kanye West) continued to try new patterns and silhouettes, some of which were smokin’ and some of which were big disasters. But that also means a lot of black, black and more black, and a lot of classic looks that just aren’t all that exciting. And now that she’s a brand new mama, we’re hoping her wardrobe is erring on the side of comfortable.

Then there’s Khloe, who is just having fun! She’s mixing things up with cornrows and pastels, looks awesome even when she’s keeping it casual, and she can rock a little black (or white, or black and white) dress like nobody’s business. She looks fab and we’re loving her style choices as of late.

Of course, this is hardly a fair fight, because this contest (which is also not really a contest, obvs) changes daily. What do you think, is Khloe the best dressed Kardashian of the moment? Let us know!

Source: Huffington Post