Is Kim Kardashian Deceiving Kanye West & Selling Her Private Pictures?
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Is Kim Kardashian Deceiving Kanye West & Selling Her Private Pictures?

Kim Kardashian has been talking a big game about how pregnancy is making her a more private person, but is she just saying that to appease her press shy boyfriend Kanye West? If she’s really selling photos behind his back, as Radar Online reports, then she just might be!

According to the website, Kim and mom Kris Jenner have been secretly negotiating the sale of private photos to tabloids, which we can’t imagine Kanye is very happy about.

An “insider” apparently told Life & Style that Kim makes photo deals with paparazzi, and gives them the inside info on her whereabouts for a fee. These paps then sell their shots to the tabloids, and Kim can deny any involvement with the event. The recent photos at issue are those bikini/baby bump pics that surfaced after the Kardashian family’s recent trip to Greece.

“After seeing the bikini pics, Kanye suspected this is Kim setting stuff up and it makes it sick to his stomach,” the insider said. “He detests Kim selling her personal life and absolutely won’t stand for her selling their baby’s life too.”

Yikes! And how is Kanye handling this? Another source says he, “has made it very clear that Kim is to stop all negotiations [for the child's first pictures] immediately, and that she is to finally start acting like a mom instead of a businesswoman.”

That may be a hard line for Kim to walk, especially considering her biggest role model! Her mom is also on Radar’s hot seat over this photo issue, because according to Heat magazine she’s trying to sell pictures from Kim’s baby shower.

Source: Life & Style, Heat Magazine via Radar Online