Is Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annie’s New Song “Unhappily Married” About Blake Shelton?
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Is Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annie’s New Song “Unhappily Married” About Blake Shelton?

Country crooner Blake Shelton recently took to Twitter to thank the Pistol Annies for “making THE most important album in country music this year,” but could one of the new album’s songs be about his potentially troubled marriage to singer Miranda Lambert?

Consider the song called “Unhappily Married.” Fans theorize that the lyrics of the tune center around the around the alleged strain in Blake and Miranda’s marriage. It’s doubtful that the song is about any of the girl’s personal lives (unless they’re talking about parents or friends), but Miranda’s not the only one who might be the subject of the tune. Bandmate Angaleena Presley is recently married and Ashley Monroe is engaged, so it can be anyone game.

Let’s break down the lyrics.

“Must be mistakin' me with the maid we don't have, can't even wash your own whiskey out your glass. I give you no lovin' in a month or so can't live without ya, but I can't let you go.”

The whiskey glass certainly points to hard liquor’s no. 1 spokesman, Blake Shelton, but really that could be anyone. And we all know Blake’s drink of choice is Bacardi.

“You better start workin' some overtime can't buy heels on nickels and dimes. You're goin' bald, and I'm gettin' fat. I hate your mom, and you hate my dad.”

Well this one simply cannot be about Blake. Homeboy has plenty of dough with popular albums, tours, and his stint as a coach on The Voice. And the last time we checked, he’s got an overly full head of hair.

Basically, we think the song is about a disgruntled marriage, but it’s not likely to be related to Blake and Miranda in any way. In fact, the couple seems to be happier than ever and celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary today!

Listen to the song and tell us what you think below.