Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant with Blake Shelton’s Baby?
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Miranda Lambert

Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant with Blake Shelton’s Baby?

Hold the presses, y’all. Word on the street is that country’s resident singer, Miranda Lambert, is pregnant! Thanks to a recent Star magazine cover — which basically shouts, “I’m Finally Pregnant!” — the rumor mill is at it again with another supposed Lambert-Sheldon pregnancy.

But calm down, dear fans. This chic is not pregnant. We repeat, she is not expecting husband, Blake Shelton’s baby. In fact Gossip Cop reports that a rep has said the Star story is “complete fabrication.”

Now if you recall (and it’s hard not to since Miranda has reportedly been pregnant a million times), this isn’t the first time the media has speculated on a possible bun in Miranda’s oven.

In fact, the 30-year-old has even addressed past rumors and admits she and Blake just let them roll off their backs. “We’ve learned to ignore the rumors and go on with our lives,” she previously told Us Weekly.

Now, should the blissful day come when the pregnancy rumors are actually true, you can expect to hear the news straight from Miranda herself — or rather her baby. “The only way that anybody will actually know I’m pregnant is when you see a child,” Miranda recently told USA Today.

Guess the good people of the USA just want to see their favorite country couple have a baby, ya’ll! Till then, check back with Wetpaint Entertainment for more news on Miranda and Blake’s triplets, alien child, or what have you.

Source: Gossip Cop