Is Vicki Gunvalson Moving to Oklahoma? (VIDEO)
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Vicki Gunvalson

Is Vicki Gunvalson Moving to Oklahoma? (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Orange County veteran Vicki Gunvalson stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night and it was a whirlwind from start to finish. But the strangest reveal was when Vicki talked about putting her house on the market. Now, obviously, selling your giant house is a Housewives tradition — that’s not the interesting part. What we (and a lot of fans) are wondering is where Vicki plans to move next…and will she be headed to Oklahoma?

“I wanted to ask Vicki — now that your kids and your family is growing, would you ever consider moving out of the OC to be closer to them?”

“Yes,” Vicki responded, immediately and firmly. “I will move wherever my family is. Michael lives in San Diego, Briana and Ryan live in Oklahoma — temporarily — we don’t know where Ryan will be stationed next. He’ll be there for two years. So the chances of me moving to Oklahoma is probably very slim. I do have my house for sale, I am moving, but I’ll stay in the OC.”

“I feel that you would be lynched if you went to Oklahoma given how you’ve spoken of that state,” host Andy Cohen pointed out. Fair, Andy.

Vicki did make her distaste for the Sooner State very known when she went to visit her daughter. “Oklahoma is a fine place to visit,” Vicki had said. “Do I want to live there? No! Do I want my grandchildren living there? No! The answer is no!" It’s really not a surprise then that Vicki doesn’t want to move to Oklahoma, even if her new grandson lives there. Family is important, but, to Vicki, nothing is worth moving to the Midwest.

Do you think Vicki’s going to move closer to her family? Why do you think Vicki’s selling her house? Let us know what you think in the comments!