Is Nashville New Tonight — March 27, 2013?
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Is Nashville New Tonight — March 27, 2013?

Glory be, y’all. Nashville is back and better (we just assume) than ever with a brand new episode tonight! In fact, we can hardly wait for Season 1, Episode 15, “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” to air tonight. Seriously, it’s been a MONTH since we last saw any hot-hot heat radiating from our favorite Music City pairings, and it’s about time we got back into it.

Unfortunately, based on all the spoilers and sneak peeks we’ve seen for the episode, our favorite characters may not be quite so excited to see one another, as we are to see them. In fact, although Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) hooked up on the last episode, Episode 15 picks up right where that left off. Do you remember the last time you hooked up with your roommate/songwriting partner/long-time crush right after finding out your brother was beaten to death because you took his gun away after that girl found it? Awwwkward.

Or, how about the time that you threw a party for the guy you sleep with sometimes who is now your guitarist, and instead of getting to perform for him, your rival does... while you have to take care of your drunk mom? Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) totally feels you on that one. But nothing makes the world seem like it’s out to get you quite like being the victim of some pretty ugly tabloid rumors — right Rayna (Connie Britton)?

We don’t know exactly how everything will be resolved — or further complicated — but we do know that we’ll be glued to our screens at exactly 10/9c tonight on ABC.