Why Isn’t Nashville on Tonight, February 20, 2013?
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Why Isn’t Nashville on Tonight, February 20, 2013?

Ugh, you guys. No. There’s no Nashville on. No new episode, no repeat, nothing. In fact, the closest we may get to Nashville is when we fall asleep finally, after crying for hours into our Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott)-shaped body pillow, lying on our Connie Britton’s (Rayna Jaymes) hair-colored fainting couch.

Here’s the sitch: Katie Couric is going to spend our designated “dreaming of being a country star” hour talking about the Oscars instead (who watches the Oscars?). Next week, Nashville will return as normal to our regularly scheduled lives with Episode 14, "Dear Brother."

Although we’re seriously crying all over our sequined minis right now over the loss of this weekly ritual, we have definitely been in need of a little break, ever since Rayna took our emotions on a whirlwind carnival ride of death — having a near-breakdown on stage, getting super drunk and making out with an ex-nemesis, and finding out from her daughter that her husband sucks even more than we suspected. Basically, it was a royal mindf*ck courtesy of the queen of country.

See you next week! In the meantime, check out spoilers for the show here.

02.21.2013 / 05:43 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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