NeNe Leakes

Is NeNe Leakes Ready to Leave RHoA After the Reunion Brawl? (VIDEO)

The day that NeNe Leakes resigns from Real Housewives of Atlanta — because, let’s be real, ain’t no way Bravo’s ever going to fire her — will be a day of panic for the network’s execs. After all, the OG Atlanta gal is not only the most well-known Housewife from the peach, she’s also the center of a lot of the drama, whether she means to be or not. So is she considering leaving the show of her own accord?

That’s the question Arsenio Hall asked Mrs. Leakes this week when she stopped by his late-night show. After all, there’s been all of this talk about who’s on the chopping block for Season 7, but no one has asked NeNe if she will be sticking around.

“I usually think [leaving] every season,” the reality star admits. “And then I end up back. Every season, I think ‘oh my god, this is driving me insane!’”

Sometimes it drives us insane, and we’re just watching, so we can only imagine! But just because it can get hard, that doesn’t mean NeNe doesn’t appreciate all the positive that the show has given her.

“Here’s the thing, for me it’s like a blessing and curse,” NeNe elaborates. “It has opened up so many doors of opportunity for me. I have been able to do some of everything, just from being on this platform. But at the same time it can be very negative and very draining. But also, it can put a lot of money in your pocket. Not just the show — I’m saying, other things come to you.”

However, don’t go thinking that NeNe attributes any of those blessings to the twirling dramafest that is Kenya Moore, who Arsenio says is “bringing eyeballs to the TV.”

“Oh please,” the DTWS contestant fires back. “We had eyeballs before Kenya came around.” In fact, unlike her co-star Kandi Burruss, NeNe still sees the former Miss USA as a negative, as she intimates that she’s willing to do anything for a lower price.

“What’s good for the network is you can hire people that are willing to do anything for $1.50. So when I get ready to negotiate for $10, I can’t even get it because you’re going to do it for $1,” Linnethia not-so-subtly shades.

The host then asks, “Who’s the cheapest — who’s really lowballin’?” but something tells us NeNe already made that clear...

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