Is Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Nicole Napolitano Still With Boyfriend Bobby?
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Is Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Nicole Napolitano Still With Boyfriend Bobby?

On the second episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6, newbie housewife Nicole Napolitano received a less-than-satisfactory Christmas gift from her boyfriend of nine months, Bobby. The incident seemed to rub her mom the wrong way, and even lead some fans to think maybe he's not the right guy for her. So, are they still together, or has Nicole moved on?

Not only are they definitely still together — according to Nicole, what we saw on Sunday wasn't a fair view of their holiday!

"I love all my new Twitter friends who have my back. Wow, it felt great how protective you are of me already, but you can all relax, because the shoe wasn’t the only gift!" Nicole wrote in her Bravo blog about the shoe-shaped wine holder Bobby got her. "Yes, Mama Santa might have gotten a little nervous with the wine holder. However, Bobby did also give me a beautiful necklace that I love and wear often."

Well, that certainly changes things! A shoe wine holder — even if it is from a pharmacy — is a totally fun gift from a significant other if you also get something more serious, like jewelry.

Nicole added, "I am sure because of this episode the family will tease Bobby and make sure the shoe will be on the table every time Bobby has dinner with us," which makes it sound like Bobby gets along with Nicole's family just fine. Teasing is a sign of love, after all.

If you still have your doubts, here's another tidbit: An insider tells All Things Real Housewives that although the editing this season may make it look like Nicole's fam doesn't approve of Bobby, he's actually "well liked by everybody."

Let this be a reminder to always take your reality TV with a grain of salt!

Source: Bravo, All Things Real Housewives