Is Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell on Instagram?
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The Bachelor

Is Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell on Instagram?

The Bachelor lights up our world every Monday night for what seems like twenty bajillion hours (it's endless, to be honest), but do you ever feel like you need even more of El Bachelor in your life? Well, good news, gang!

Not only is Juan Pablo Galavis on Instagram, his leading ladies are as well! This dude is quickly narrowing his First Wives Club down to just a handful of bachelorettes, and we're loving ourselves some Nikki Ferrell. She's gutsy, sarcastic, a total babe — and you can follow her 24/7 on Instagram!

Nikki's Instagram is a Bachelor fan-girl dream come true, complete with beautiful selfies (girlfriend is a model, after all), adorable pictures of babies, cute puppies, inspirational quotes, and even a few behind-the-scenes photos from her time surfing the sexy sea that is The Bachelor. Of course, our favorite snapshot from Nikki's Instagram has to be this one of her puppy-centric photoshoot with Juan Pablo, in which she looks fabulous and perfect while Elise Mosca is dressed up as a giant fire hydrant.

You can follow Nikki's Instagram @nikki_ferrell, and feel free to double-tap your faves to show home girl some love. Lord knows she needs it after that harrowing trip to the Gates of Hell with Juan Pablo in Vietnam....

Source: Nikki's Instagram