Is Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell on Twitter?
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The Bachelor

Is Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell on Twitter?

Much like The Hunger Games, The Bachelor is a terrifying competition in which pretty ladies frolic around the wilderness trying not to get themselves murdered. The only difference is that said ladies are competing for a gigantic Neil Lane diamond ring — oh, and Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis' heart. We've gotten to know and love all of Juan Pablo's potential wives, but we have a soft spot in our heart for Nikki Ferrell. This Kansas City native is sweet, sexy, and — most importantly –– sarcastic, and we need more of her wit in our lives stat.

The good news? Nikki just happens to be social media savvy, and is an active participant in the wonderful world of Twitter! Nikki tweets brilliant musings almost every day, ranging from the deeply philosophical ("Decided to forego my lunch at work this evening and eat cookies all night instead..."), to the culturally critical ("Y'all K-Pop stressed me out so much I got the worlds biggest pimple").

Amazing, right? If you want Nikki's LOL-worthy tweets to blow-up your feed, go ahead and follow her at @Nikki_Ferrell, and click here to find out how far she makes it on The Bachelor!

Who knows, maybe Nikki will even post a few Bachelor spoilers of her own on Twitter in the next few weeks….

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