Ian Somerhalder Is NOT Dating Molly Swenson
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Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Is NOT Dating Molly Swenson

Molly Swenson has officially debunked the rumor that she is dating Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder after an E! Online story speculating that the two might be more than just friends made the rounds.

The two were spotted hanging at a party for Details, during which Ian allegedly introduced Molly to everyone at the event. Well, apparently, those are just Ian’s southern manners showing themselves. These two are not an item — and Molly can tell you exactly why.

“I believe @eonline doesn't follow you on twitter... or they would've seen your boyfriend,” Twitter user Caro tweeted at Molly, along with a link to the spec piece.

“Exactly! Do some more digging @eonline… I’ve been off the market for 2 yrs! <3 you @randizzie,” Molly adorably tweeted at her actual boyfriend, Randal Hark.

Of course, the speculation tends to be grounded in truth. The truth here: Ian and Molly are friends! Molly serves as the chief operating officer for Ryot News, an online news site that gives readers a chance to respond to the content they’re consuming by making an impact on the issue being addressed. Ian is on the site’s advisory board, so these two occasionally spend some time together — and are pretty adorable when they do so. Last year, Molly posted this Instagram montage of she and Ian goofing off together on the NYC subway. Looks like they have a lot of chemistry — though it’s just of the platonic variety!

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