Emily Maynard Is Panicking Over Wedding Planning! Can You Help Her?!
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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard Is Panicking Over Wedding Planning! Can You Help Her?!

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard is an expert on getting engaged — four times and counting! — but this is her first time getting far enough to actually plan the wedding.

Tyler Johnson proposed on January 4, and Em said they would be married “soon,” which means she had better get busy. In a new blog post, Emily shares details on her love story with Tyler and a close-up of her rings, but at the end she basically issues a distress call, writing, “I need some serious advice. HOW IN THE *#&@! DO YOU PLAN A WEDDING??”

Simma down, girl! She said if it were up to her she’d just go to Vegas but her mom would be mad, so that’s out. Plus, there'd be that whole part where she would have to sneak Ricki in everywhere... She went to a wedding convention with a friend but ended up wandering around “in a daze” with no idea where to start. Long story short, she’s overwhelmed.

“So, for all you wise, married women out there,” she writes, “What would you have done differently? The same? What's the next step after pinning everything you can possibly pin? Can I just give my wedding board to someone have them figure it out? Do I even need a wedding planner? Ok.. I'm officially stressed out.”

Fans immediately shared tips and personal anecdotes in the comments, with one woman wisely suggesting, “Spend more time, money, and energy on your marriage than your wedding--the world gets that backwards” and “Don't get hung up on it being perfect. Something will likely go wrong. And it will be ok. When you wake up the next morning, you'll still [be] married to your love. And if you've followed my first piece of advice, that's all that will matter.”

Do you have wedding advice for Em? Should she just call ABC and ask them to handle the whole thing, and even televise it? (Kidding — unless they say yes.) Maybe she should leave it all up to Ricki, Tyler, and her mom, and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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