Is Pauly D in a Custody Battle Over His Daughter?
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Is Pauly D in a Custody Battle Over His Daughter?

Former Jersey Shore star Pauly D — along with the rest of the world — just found out the DJ is a father of a baby girl. While the 33-year-old reality star seems to be excited about the news of the offspring, TMZ reports that he might already be in a custody battle over his daughter with the girl’s mother.

Pauly D’s little girl’s name is Amabella and she was born five months ago to an Atlantic City-residing cocktail waitress with whom Pauly had a brief affair. The two reportedly met in Las Vegas in 2012 after one of Pauly’s DJ gigs.

Sources now tell TMZ that Pauly doesn’t think Amabella’s mom is fit to raise a child, pointing to the fact that she once worked at Hooters and already has another child. Pauly reportedly filed court documents to gain some sort of custody over his daughter, although it’s not clear what level of custody he is looking for.

Amabella’s mom has also reportedly demanded child support from Pauly and while the DJ says he’s ready and proud to be a father, he worries the child’s mom is using Amabella for Pauly’s money.

What do you think of Pauly’s parental drama? Should he get custody of the child?

Source: TMZ