Is Big Ang Still Planning to Have Another Baby? She Says… — Exclusive
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Big Ang

Is Big Ang Still Planning to Have Another Baby? She Says… — Exclusive

Fans of Mob Wives: New Blood had to pick up their jaws from the floor during the VH1 reality show’s fourth season, when fav Big Ang revealed that she and her much younger husband Neil were trying for another baby. While most people were happy for the gravely voiced gal with a heart of gold, it was hard to ignore that at 53 years old — and already a grandmother — Ang would want to go back to that part of her life.

Where the show left off, Big Ang and Neil had decided on using a donor, and were planning to “build a baby,” as they joked. But now that many months have gone by since that scene was shot, we had to know: Is there a Lil’ Ang on the way?

Luckily, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the Mob Wife not too long ago, and she clued us in on their status. And sorry to disappoint, but looks like this sassy gal is totally content being a nana these days.

“I just had two granddaughters, and one lives with me!” she gushed. “I babysit both of them. I don’t need anymore babies.” Aww, though we admit we’re a little bummed we won’t see Ang playing housewife in Season 5, we are glad she’s still got plenty of little ones to occupy her time. And don’t worry — there will be plenty of on-screen adorableness, as the Drunken Monkey owner says she plans to show lots more of the family and babies this year. Yay!

Oh, and there’s apparently about to be even more grandkids to add to the brood. Ang reveals that, in addition to her two infant grandbabies and her 5-year-old grandson, her daughter is currently trying for another. “The more, the better!” she quips.

Congrats to Big Ang and her growing family! Can’t wait to meet the new additions soon!

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