Is Pregnant Jenelle Evans Already Dilated?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Is Pregnant Jenelle Evans Already Dilated?

The time has come to check on Jenelle Evans's uterus, which is currently being populated by future world leader Baby Kaiser Griffith. This Teen Mom 2 star is already nine months pregnant with her kiddo, and with her due date just around the corner (June 29, y'all!), she could pop at any minute!

In case you aren't in the know, a typical pregnancy is around 40 weeks (or ten months), but babies born any time after 37 weeks are considered full-term. This means that Jenelle could go into labor just two weeks from now and give birth to a healthy, fully-developed child! In fact, it looks like she might already be dilated...

This gal took to Twitter over the weekend to post a gorgeous selfie of her enormous baby bump, which she captioned, "Any day now Kaiser. Mommy ribs r [sic] about to break.. Seriously." When a fan (read: hater) pointed out that she's not even full term, Jenelle shot back with, "Uhm, excuse yrself. That's not true. U have no idea what's going on if I'm already dilated or not."

Call us crazy, but it sounds like Jenelle's implying that she's dilated, which means Kaiser could be making his way down her birth canal sooner than we thought! (You're welcome for that mental image.)

So, what is dilation? It's simply the opening of a woman's cervix (measured in centimeters), and occurs once labor gets closer. Unfortunately, dilation can happen anywhere from weeks to an entire month before delivery, or it can happen the night before you pop out your baby.

There's no way for Jenelle to know when she'll meet the newest addition to her family, but word on the street is that women tend to go into labor a little on the early side for the second time around!

Do you think Jenelle will give birth before her due date? We're officially on bump watch, so check in with Wetpaint Entertainment for updates!