Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Getting Botox While She’s Expecting?! (VIDEO)
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Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Getting Botox While She’s Expecting?! (VIDEO)

Criticizing Kim Kardashian’s maternity fashion, and even her pregnancy weight, is one thing. It’s not cool, and it’s not nice, but it’s a far cry from accusing her of being a reckless parent already! In Touch Weekly is getting dangerously close to implying exactly that, by flat out saying that Kim is currently getting botox injections!

“She’s still getting injections even though she’s seven months pregnant,” an insider reportedly told the mag.

"She’s become more neurotic than ever about her looks,” a family insider said. “She’ll do anything to be beautiful.”

This same insider did make the point that Kim’s boyfriend Kanye West would freak if he found out she was getting any sort of cosmetic surgery, because his mother passed away from complications from a routine procedure. “It would really set him off if he found out that Kim was putting his baby in that kind of danger just for her looks,” this source added.

Yep, which is even more reason why it’s incredibly unlikely that she’s doing it! Come on!

Next to weigh is another (we think?) family insider, who went even more backhanded. “She’s so worried about what she looks like – that’s why she’s still getting Botox,” this source said. “This is Kim. She’ll go to any lengths to protect the one thing that’s most precious to her: her beauty.”

Yes, her beauty is more precious than her unborn child. We just. Can’t. Even.

More “evidence” came from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Jon A. Perlman, who told the tabloid that, “the lack of upper facial wrinkling and expression suggest Botox. Her skin is too smooth.” They were careful to point out that the esteemed Dr. Perlman doesn’t actually treat Kim.

Our heads are spinning trying to keep track of all experts and insider and supposed Kardashian family members, so we’re just going to have to go with our guts on this one, and we're pretty sure Kim would never jeopardize her baby like that. End. Of. Story.

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05.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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