Is Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Gay? You Asked, We Answered
Is Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Gay? You Asked, We Answered
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Is Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Gay? You Asked, We Answered


On Revenge, Gabriel Mann plays the seemingly bi-curious Nolan Ross, who's up for anything and is a self-proclaimed three on the Kinsey Scale (meaning equally homosexual and heterosexual).

But does Mann like men?

He's never come out and said one way or another, but Gabriel has been linked to Josie and the Pussycats star Rachel Leigh Cook. That was years ago and it seems that he keeps his personal life under wraps these days (like most of the Hamptons residents).

Whatever his personal preferences are, Gabriel enjoyed the TyleNol relationship and the chemistry between himself and actor Ashton Holmes (who plays Tyler).

“It was great. I think neither of us knew that's where the stories were going to go but he's a tremendous actor. So when you put two snakes in a pit something is going to happen," he told After Elton.

"It was so much fun to play those scenes with him because he's really good and it sort of took a game of checkers and turned it into chess and the delicacies and complexities of where that was going became really, really fun.”

Since Tyler has been killed off the show, who will Gabriel be kissing next? He seems up for anyone, or any sex.

“[Nolan is] so equal opportunity and I think that there's a wealth of possibilities there. And I am game for anything that these writers want to bring at this point. It's like red meat. You just go ‘aaahh’ and just dig in.”

Source: After Elton