Is True Blood Season 6 The Last Season? You Ask, We Answer!
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Is True Blood Season 6 The Last Season? You Ask, We Answer!

Is this the last season of True Blood? Fans have been asking the question a lot lately – will True Blood Season 6 be the last? As diehard Truebies, we feel like crying tears of blood just thinking about it, but the ratings certainly beg the question.

The Season 6 scored lower ratings than the Season 5 premiere, down 700,000 viewers. Those faithful to the show are quick to point out that this could have been because it went up against the NBA finals this time around, which didn’t happen last year.

True Blood ratings peaked during the season four episode “Let’s Get Out of Here,” drawing 5.53 million viewers, and has yet to reach those numbers again.

Yahoo! points out that the show was in a constant state of flux before Season 6 even began. Creator Alan Ball stepped down as the showrunner, which is when Mark Hudis, a writer on the show, filled his shoes. Mark then left suddenly, however, so current showrunner, Brian Buckner, was thrust into the spot.

True Blood has also been the subject of a lot of criticism for what some think are convoluted storylines and muddled characters. As Yahoo! puts it, “While the show should be commended for having a strong collection of supporting characters, each episode had an awful lot going on. In other words, the somewhat ‘jumbled’ nature of Season 5 could have turned fans off the show, resulting in a ratings dip for Season 6.”

The article goes on to even pose the question of whether HBO will yank True Blood in order to put more money into special effects for the oh-so-haute Game of Thrones. Interestingly enough, however, True Blood’ ratings for the Season 6 premiere did better than the Season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones, although not by much.

The question remains – will True Blood get picked up for a seventh season? This season hasn’t been billed as the final installment but, with the war on vampires, the death of a major cast member, and the reunion of Sookie and Bill looking like an impossibility, we do have our doubts about the renewal.

We can’t help but hope, however, that the HBO execs will see to it that the show continues, as we’d certainly miss getting our True Blood fix. How about you?

Source: Yahoo! TV

06.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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