Is Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Jonyt on Twitter?
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Is Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Jonyt on Twitter?

You might think Bachelor 18 contestant Sharleen Joynt is too busy belting out opera solos and reading The New York Times culture section to have time for peasant activities like social media, but you'd be so very wrong. Sharleen may be a sophisticated globetrotter who loves fine wine and cheese, but she also hearts Twitter just as much as the next girl in fact, she tweets up a storm!

Sharleen's glorious Twitter feed is just as articulate and intelligent as you would expect, and you better believe she takes the time to chat with her fleet of fans. This stylish girl has over nine thousand followers as of now, and it looks like she takes time out of her schedule to respond to many of their shout-outs as she can!

So, what have we learned from Sharleen's Twitter feed? Lots of important things, not the least of which is that her go-to lipstick choice for kissing eligible bachelors is Sephora's cream lip stain. Now we know what to use when puckering up to our Juan Pablo Galavis poster!

Clearly, Sharleen is bringing her A-game to the Twittersphere with her signature style and classy personality, so go ahead and follow her at @sharleenjoynt!

Source: Sharleen's Twitter