Is Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Joynt on Instagram?
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Is Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Joynt on Instagram?

Do you ever find yourself staring inanely at your computer and wondering if Bachelor contestant Sharleen Joynt has an Instagram account? Well, today is your lucky day, tender soul. Sharleen just recently made her Instagram public (hallelujah, praise Jesus and Sean Lowe!), and shockingly her feed doesn't consist of cheese plates, wine-that's-not-Franzia, pictures from The New Yorker, and other super-classy images that a sophisticated globe-trotter is likely to post.

Instead, Sharleen's Instagram is just like yours: chock-full of nerdy selfies, pictures of Frappucinos, and weird photos of, like, nature and whatnot. In other words, it's a veritable cornucopia of good times — though Sharleen really needs to post pictures more frequently. We count under 50 photos total… it's almost as if she doesn't spend all her waking hours on her iPhone. Unacceptable. Get your act together, girl.

If you want to follow Sharleen on Instagram (and we totally know you do), head over to her picture-perfect handle @sharleenjoynt and start hearting her photos to show your support! Unfortunately, you won't get any clues as to how far Sharleen makes it on Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor, so if you're looking for spoilers click here and prepare to have your mind blown!

Source: Sharleen's Instagram