Is Snooki Getting Married in January? She Addresses the Rumors!
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Is Snooki Getting Married in January? She Addresses the Rumors!

We’re so ready for Snooki and Jionni to tie the knot. They’re raising Lorenzo together, they’re building their dream house in New Jersey, and although they’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve come out of it stronger than ever. So, let’s get this show on the road!

But despite the rumors, the couple has not yet set a wedding date. “I’m not getting married in January,” Snooki tweeted Wednesday. “Some rat is selling false stories about us... when we have a date, trust me, you’ll know.”

So when are they getting married? “Sometime next year,” Snooki said earlier this summer. “No date set yet, and it will probably be in New Jersey.”

The sooner the better. We can’t wait to see those wedding pics! Can you imagine little Lorenzo being the ring bearer? Our hearts just exploded at the mere thought. Plus, we know that her wedding is going to be crazy (in the best way). Snooks has said she'd love leopard-print bridesmaid gowns, and we have a feeling she'll add some flair to her dress as well. Honestly, if a leopard walked down the aisle with her, we wouldn't be surprised.

Until she makes any other announcements, we'll just speculate wildly about what will happen at the nuptials, all the while crossing our fingers that she sees our ideas... and loves them!

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