Is Originals Star Leah Pipes Engaged? (PHOTO)
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The Originals

Is Originals Star Leah Pipes Engaged? (PHOTO)

We don’t know much about newcomer Leah Pipes (Cami O’Connell), but we may have just found out an interesting fact about the Originals star. While her on-screen counterpart hasn’t been too busy in the romantic development department, it looks like the gorgeous blonde may be walking down the aisle soon. After sharing an Instagram photo chock full of bridal magazines, it got us wondering: Is Leah engaged?

Is Originals Star Leah Pipes Engaged? (PHOTO)
Credit: Leah Pipes on Instagram    

“In case anyone was wondering this is obviously how I'm spending my snow day. #theoriginals,” Leah captioned an Instagram photo on January 30. In the photo, we get a glimpse of Leah’s precious cat and a slew of magazines including The Knot, Brides, and Unveiled. Looks like someone’s studying up, doesn’t it?

Even Julie Plec (aka Queen of the CW) got involved on the speculation, tweeting back at Leah: “@leahmariepipes did you get engaged or is this just your preferred method of free time?” Yeah, what she said!

We don’t know if Leah is even dating someone, let alone engaged, but perhaps she is just a bridesmaid or is fueling her obsession with weddings by doing a little light reading.

We snooped around the interwebs and found a video of Leah raving about her single life on Access Hollywood. And while the video doesn’t have a published date, she mentions being a 21-year-old, so we would estimate that, since she’s currently 25, that it was back in 2010.

“I am so single it hurts right now,” she said at the time. “It hurts so good. I’m going through that really reclusive phase where I have a cat, all 11 seasons of MASH, a really big television, and knitting, I have knitting. I have no need to leave my apartment ever.”

Host Billy Bush seemed a little bummed and suggested Leah give dating a whirl. “I should date, I’m just too lazy to date, really,” Leah teased, saying she would cancel a date to watch Sex and the City.

We’re sure things have changed since 2010, but we definitely need confirmation before we start sending congrats Leah’s way.

Do you think Leah is engaged? Is she just a bridesmaid? Is she just wedding-obsessed? Hit the comments and let us know!

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