Is Tamar Braxton Feuding With Her Stylist and Blogger Funky Dineva? (PHOTOS)
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Is Tamar Braxton Feuding With Her Stylist and Blogger Funky Dineva? (PHOTOS)

Recently, the internet has been a-buzzing with whispers that Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton is feuding with her former stylist — and apparently it’s getting really nasty!

It all started earlier this week when Tamar took to IG to post a pretty unsubtle text gram (which she’s since deleted) to someone that read:

“I HATE when people try to act GRAND now that they feel like the “made it”... when we met you had 1 client!!! Now you have “contracts” and a “manager”... but you have 5 clients… 4 clients cause I’m sleep.” The pic was captioned, “#dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou #thistweetisaboutyou #iwokeuplikedis.”

Of course, it got the attention of tons of people, including famous blogger Funky Dineva, who reported that the entire fiasco began when Tamar’s stylist, DiAndre Tristan, recently acquired management that requested he have a contract with Tamar to ensure payment for his services. Dineva claims that Tamar and her husband, Vincent Herbert, have a history of not paying people and when DiAndre asked for his money upfront, Tamar got upset and took to IG to talk about it.

Whether it’s true or not, things only continued to get ugly. Turns out DiAndre wasn’t too happy about Tamar’s rant and took to Twitter on March 5 to say, “Something BIG is coming my way the devil is busy and he will not win....” He also posted a video of Tamar’s older sister, Toni Braxton, calling her “elegant” and unsurpassed in style and grace.

Was that a dig at Tamar? Well, Tamar seemed to think so. The singer then turned to Instagram (yet again) to post the text gram below with the following caption:

Is Tamar Braxton Feuding With Her Stylist and Blogger Funky Dineva? (PHOTOS)
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“I HAD to repost because I will NEVER be in THIS position again!! My mama says u FIND a FOOL you USE a fool! Know peoples intentions FIRST! Watch who they are friends with...if that's not your type of crew then.. RUN!!! how they treat they talk about others???then ..they talk about YOU too! BeCAREFUL who u TRUST & have around you!! Some people are JUST there you USE you!! They will LIE,CHEAT & STEAL!!!...then they move on to the NEXT! Watch who calls u #sis #fam #cousin #girl when they AINT!! 9x out of 10 they out for THEM!! Keep yo [eyes] on yo [heart] &your PURSE! #no[shade] #allTRUTH”

But it just gets messier. Tamar also took shots at Funky Dineva by tweeting,”Well according 2 what a LATE Blogger who gets info from a scam Queen… Vince & I need money to pay folk. So BUY [my album] so they can have a [seat]!” The tweet was later removed, but not before Funky Dineva could respond back with@TamarBraxtonHer i don't make the news i just report it. don't get mad that YOUR people are calling me telling me ALL YOUR BUSINESS.”


What do you think of Tamar’s latest online feud? Tell us in the comments below!

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