Is Tammy Rivera’s Daughter OK With Her Marrying Waka Flocka Flame ? (VIDEO)
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Is Tammy Rivera’s Daughter OK With Her Marrying Waka Flocka Flame ? (VIDEO)

With the addition of all the new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 stars, we didn’t get to meet one newbie, and that’s newcomer Tammy Rivera’s daughter, Charlie. In this clip that didn’t make it to air, we get to see Tammy have a sitdown with her daughter about fiancé Waka Flocka Flame joining the little family of two. So what does Charlie say?

“I excited about the wedding,” Charlie tells her mom, adding, ”‘cause you’re both a couple who laughs all the time.” Aww! Ain’t nothing like the seal of approval from your own kiddo!

To make things even sweeter, Charlie surprises her mom with a selection of wedding dresses she found on her iPad that she’d like to see her mom wear. When Charlie asks when Waka will buy Tammy a ring, Tammy tells her daughter that she’s not sure, but then jokes that Charlie should probably help him.

“Well, Waka told me it’s a secret, and I can’t tell you,” Charlie hints at her mom. Even as Tammy tries to bribe her daughter with a cupcake, the young kid won’t break.

Later, Charlie asks her mother how she married her father, and Tammy reveals it was a courthouse ceremony. When Tammy asks her daughter if she would mind the same thing happening for her wedding to Waka, Charlie requests a wedding where she can wear a dress like the one worn by Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

“I’m Beauty,” Charlie says, with her mom adding “and Waka’s the Beast.”

In case you missed it, Waka’s mother, Deb Antney, broke the news that Waka and Tammy recently eloped in a quiet ceremony, but do plan to have a service and party. Guess Charlie will get to wear her dress after all.

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