Is The Bachelor New Tonight — January 21, 2013?
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The Bachelor

Is The Bachelor New Tonight — January 21, 2013?

If we were all in kindergarten and our teacher proposed some of the activities Bachelor Sean Lowe makes his ladies do on dates, none of our parents would sign our permission slips. It shouldn’t be a surprise, right? Last week, Sean showed off his “super sweet” side by making Sarah Herron jump off a building — with only the promise of a glass of champagne waiting at the bottom!

Tonight, on a brand new Bachelor Season 17 episode, Tierra falls down some stairs, a bunch of girls play deathmatch (aka for a date) volleyball, and Sean makes Kacie Boguskie cry. Oh, yay. Makes us feel a whole lot better about never getting that call back from ABC about casting us on the show. We were totally bummed for a while, considering we had just found our old lavender spaghetti-strapped Caché dress and totally wanted to wear it on TV (because thanks to our kale only diet, WE CAN!)

Anyway, despite their super awkward first kiss on episode 2, Sean and Lesley Murphy are going out on a 1 on 1 date tonight and are going to set the record for “World’s Longest Kiss.” We hope that doesn’t ruin the surprise/your life. Watch it all go down, tonight at 8PM on ABC.